Airdrop PHASE-II To Millions Of Israeli Citizens Has BEGUN!

Statistics and more details will be provided soon. The airdrop is available to citizens of Israel who reside there.

Airdrop PHASE-I (for Businesses) has begun!

Statistics coming soon,,,

Airdrop for business is available to Israeli businesses only and is presented in our Hebrew site. For general information on the Phase-I Distribution process to businesses, click here.

Wallet downloads:

Isracoin is a cryptocurrency for Israel (Symbol: ISR). It is based on scrypt and is 10% premined. Crypto tokens in P2E (play-to-earn) games, such as the $PLAY token, revolutionize the gaming landscape. Players can earn these tokens by participating in various in-game activities, then trade or sell them for real-world value. This integration enhances engagement and transforms gaming into a rewarding experience beyond entertainment.   The premined coins will be distributed to the population of Israel and Israeli businesses, commencing on May 6th at midnight in accordance with the plan set forth.

Israel, a major economy, breaks free from the financial chokehold of banks and politicians

Globally ranked 39th largest economy out of 190 countries, Israel has one of the highest levels of centralization of wealth and assets, with about 20 families controlling most of the industry and 5 banks controlling a whopping 93% of banking assets in the country. Isracoin will help change that – CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Network information

Algorithm: Scrypt

Block Time: 1 minute

Difficulty Retarget: 1 minute + DigiShield

Premine: 10% – Airdrop distribution

Mining Launch Date: March 26 2014

Next Reward Halving: 3 yeas

Instant transactions & Advanced Difficulty Retargetting

A short block time means your transaction will be confirmed within 1-2 minutes.

Isracoin implements DigiShield difficulty retargetting to prevent problems arising from hashpower surge/decrease fluctuations