South Carolina and Target Zero

By on 3-04-2019 in Car Accidents

The South Carolina Department of Safety has its sights set on zero traffic deaths. To achieve this goal they have crafted a plan called “Target Zero.” To achieve this goal, the South Carolina Department of Safety has crafted a safety plan accounting for various threats to roadway safety. Information from a Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Law Firm confirms many of the same dangers as leading causes of serious car accidents.

Roadway departure accidents:

These accidents occur when drivers are transitioning from the traveling lanes and either moving to the shoulder or attempting to exit. These types of accidents are of particular interest because they accounted for 43% of fatal and serious injury accidents on South Carolina roadways from 2008 – 2012.

Unrestrained motor vehicle accidents:

Those who wear their seatbelt or proper safety restraints are 50% less likely to sustain a serious injury should they be involved in an accident. Research found that back seat passengers are far more likely to wear their restraints. To encourage South Carolinians to wear their restraints, the Target Zero plan aims to education, outreach, and enforcement.

Age-related accidents:

In South Carolina, the leading cause of fatalities for drivers aged 15 – 24 is car accidents. This age group is also most likely to drive distracted, speed, and drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which are all contributing factors to accidents.

Speed Related accidents:

Car accident caused by using excess speed or made much worse by excess speed are under review by the Target Zero campaign. Research obtained by Target Zero indicates that men are more likely to be involved in speed-related accidents. Though speed related accidents have improved in recent years, it is still the fourth most contributing cause of serious car accidents.

Vulnerable Roadway Occupants:

Motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists, and moped drivers are all particularly vulnerable to serious injury while inhabiting the road or nearby areas. From 2008 tp 2012 of all of the fatal motorcycle accidents that occurred in South Carolina, 74.2% of victims who suffered fatal injuries were not wearing helmets. As such, the program will focus on highly encouraging the proper protective gear.

Intersections and High-Risk Locations:

Intersections, work zones, and railroad crossings are all, unfortunately, the site of more accidents. In an effort to curb these occurrences, the Target Zero project is looking at design solutions as well as educational opportunities.

Impaired Driving:

According to the Target Zero page, of all the states in the U.S., South Carolina has one of the highest fatality rates related to impaired driving. The statistics for South Carolina’s drunk-driving fatalities doubled the national average

Commercial Motor Vehicles:

While integral to the economy, large cargo trucks are a risk to other drivers and passengers that share the road. The Target Zero campaign plans to address safety concerns through increasing vehicle inspections, providing additional education, and improving roadways.

Distracted Driving:

Through ongoing research and education, distracted driving is being addressed in South Carolina. Though the issue of distracted driving is widespread, by starting locally, Target Zero hopes to save the lives of South Carolinians.

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